School sucks

School doesn’t sucks. It’s just that I don’t like the homework, the teachers, the tests, finals, the classes and waking up early in the morning to get on time in school. The only thing why I go is that it means I can see my friends, talk to them, laugh with and at them, ruin the classes and eat food. And to get away from my parents… But that isn’t the best reasons, is it?

Why do people always ask me if I’m fan of that gay British boy band to be offended when I say that I don’t like The Wanted (No offense to everybody who does likes them)? I mean it’s not like I know about who they are talking. Why can’t they just ask like: Are you fan of…?

Someone asked me today why I was so ugly. I wanted to cry but held the tears. I’ve cried enough about people I don’t particular like. My answer to the question was why he asked me that and if he had look in a mirror ‘cause he wasn’t the prettiest one either. He didn’t really liked that. But… WHO CARES!?

Can’t help feeling worthless from time to time. Can’t help feeling not good enough. But than I see my friends and know that I am good enough, that i’m not worthless. Massive shout out to all my amazing friens